Blast-Resistant Design of Steel Buildings

This lecture is an introduction to blast-resistant design of steel buildings. 

Aldo McKay, PE, PMP, of Protection Engineering Consultants, will introduce the physics of explosions and blast loads along with their interaction with buildings and structures. You’ll learn about blast-resistant design and detailing of steel components, connections, and structures. 

The presentation will  also cover typical analysis methods, software tools, design criteria (including recent updates), and performance requirements for protected buildings in the federal, industrial, and private sectors.

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Date:  2/27/2024

Time:  12:30 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. Central

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Aldo McKay, PE, PMP, is Managing Principal at PEC with over 22 years of experience as a Structural Engineer with focus in the security and protection engineering field. At PEC, he regularly manages physical security and blast-resistant design (Design-build, Design-bid-build) efforts for military facilities, federal courthouses/office buildings, mission critical buildings, Veteran Affairs (VA) healthcare facilities, and transportation infrastructure. His experience includes the DoD requirements in UFC 4-010-01, ISC Physical Security Criteria for Federal Facilities, and Physical Security Design Manual for VA Facilities. Recently, Aldo worked directly with GSA to revise the GSA blast protection interpretation guidelines, the document that represents GSA’s approach of the ISC RMP to be used for protection design of Federal facilities. Aldo’s experience includes blast-resistant design for new construction, renovations and assessments of aviation facilities, Administration/office buildings, Lodging and barracks, dining facilities, training facilities, and warehouses. As part of these efforts, Aldo has worked with local antiterrorism (AT) officers and security personnel to confirm explosive Design Basis Threats (DBT) and determine cost-effective protection approaches. His experience includes implementation of site features such as standoff, access control and vehicle barrier as well as building hardening for blast and ballistic threats

Mr. McKay has also managed and led research efforts for the Department of State (DoS) looking at the lateral response of steel braced frames under blast loads and has completed numerous designs for progressive collapse on steel buildings using both GSA and DoD standards. Aldo earned a bachelor’s degree in engineering from John Brown University and a Master of Science degree in Structural Engineering from the University of Texas at San Antonio.